Walk-In Bathtub/Showers


Get the Comfort and Accessibility You Need At a Price You Can Afford

PTR Tub and Tile Restoration in Ashland, Virginia specializes in retrofitting bathrooms to make them handicap accessible.  We’re interested in giving our clients the bathroom renovation they need at the right price. Just contact us to learn more about what we can do to solve your bathroom modification needs.

Handicap Accessible Bathrooms

CLEANCUT® Before & After




Our business began with tub restoration and expanded to making bathrooms handicap-accessible at affordable prices.  If you need to convert your existing bathtub into an easy access shower, we will give you the peace of mind of a job efficiently done and worry-free. We happily install grab bars and shower seats as part of our service. Benefits of our services include:

  •  Safety/Accessibility
  •  Affordability
  •  Convenience
  •  Ease of Use

The CLEANCUT is recognized as a way to stay provide a safe, dignified way to allow the user a safe, bathing experience.

CLEANCUT®- Turn Your Bathtub into a Walk-in Tub!

We are an authorized installer of CLEANCUT®, a unique product designed to quickly convert most bathtubs into a walk-in tub. Whether your tub is fiberglass, steel– or even cast-iron– we can, in most cases, convert your tub using the CLEANCUT® in just one day!

The CLEANCUT® is designed to solve one of the biggest problems that homeowners who need a handicap-accessible bathroom have with their tubs– the tub sidewall is usually difficult to get over and work with. The CLEANCUT® creates a passage approximately 24 inches wide and 9 inches deep to make it easier to enter and exit the tub and effectively use it as a walk-in tub. For your convenience, we also install grab bars and shower seats, giving your bathroom a full handicap-accessible conversion.

CLEANCUT® with PTR Tub and Tile – the Advantages are Clear!

  •  Installation in just one day
  •  Easy Entrance to Your New Walk-in Tub
  •  Increased Safety and Security
  •  We Install Grab Bars and Shower Seats– Ready to Use at a Price You Can Afford

PTR Tub and Tile Restoration: Helping with the Changes You Need for Your Well-Being

Oftentimes, making a change to our homes or habits is a stressful experience, but can give us a fuller and more rewarding life. Modifications like the CLEANCUT® prevent falls and injuries, helping to compensate for reduced physical abilities. The CDC estimates that one in three adults over 65 slips and falls each year, with up to 30% of those leading to severe injury that requires hospitalization.  Further, an AARP study found that 79 percent of boomers want to stay in their homes as long as possible, and the percentage rises the older you are. Sometimes a change can make a difference that will keep you healthier and in your home as long as you want. Avoiding a preventable and costly injury that can shorten your life is worth making the change.  Let us help to make a change to your bathroom convienently and affordably, and take charge of your health, safety and well-being. Contact us today.